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Transcripts: Foundations For Online Content

Audio to text - If you are an internet marketer then you need to know that typically it really is difficult to work out how to keep fresh content in your website and eyes taking a look at your Facebook page, blog, or videos. Did you are aware that when you have audio or videos that this media can be transformed into variations to be used on behalf of your company? This article will be discovering how to make use of transcripts to help you work smarter rather than harder. Use this transcribed try to convert into a number of different kinds of media that you can use over and over in different forms to supply your customers with fresh content that's relevant and niche specific. Transcripts can be transformed into ebooks/PDFs, email sequences, WSOs, and Power Point slides

Audio to text - Ebooks and PDFs can be created from transcripts that are dictated into a software like Audacity. Utilizing a headset with microphone dictate your researched data in chapter form into Audacity and submit to us for typing. Ebooks or PDFs may also be made from dictation of interviews. Have you ever desired to interview your preferred marketer? This can be your possibility to get nuggets of website marketing facts and create a report or Ebook which you can use available or being a free offer in exchange for their email making use of your autoresponder.

Email sequences can be produced from transcripts also. Let’s utilize the old proper dog training niche. Let’s say you are carrying out a website on canine training. You call the local dog trainer or your friend who is your pet dog training assistant to get some information about how to train your puppy to listen to commands and ways to get along with other dogs. Do interviews around 40 to 50 minutes and have that material transcribed. You can now use this material as an email sequence to get a newsletter and an email sequence to market dog related products. No one desires to be blatantly sold to. These emails will be sent so your email list will get to understand you, just like you and trust you. After those emails venture out then you can certainly hit them up with an offer to buy.

WSOs are Warrior Special Offers. Warrior Promotions are available on a site known as the Warrior Forum. This is really a place where web marketers and folks who wish to make money online congregate. This is where where they share information about how to work, offer their professional services for hire, along with sell products associated with online marketing and making money online. You can produce a special offer like a business inside a box offer which can be basically a ready-made content which you can use to populate an internet site and never have to perform the work yourself. Internet marketers love these business in a box offers since it cuts down on actual time it takes to get their websites online and making income. Go to Warrior Forum to the Warrior Special Section and see what individuals are providing in their business in the box offers and duplicate that. Like they said when it ain’t broke don’t correct it.

Power point slides can be created from transcripts. All you need to do is get into your Power Point program and transfer the text from the transcripts for the slides. Choose your Power Point template that you want to utilize and then make your slides. It’s just like simple as that. These slides could be part of a small business in a box package or may be used to create videos. If you have the Camtasia video software you can use these slides to produce videos without you really in them. All that you should do is record your screen and record yourself reading the slides and you have created video that you could are now using to produce your own YouTube Channel or even more content for the website.

Transcripts could be fundamental to your small business if you're about creating niche specific content for your site that your clients are hungry for. Using transcripts to create PowerPoint slides, WSOs, email sequences, and ebooks or PDFs can help you become a specialist online. Use your audio contentand videos to operate smarter rather than harder.

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